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Frequently asked questions

What is the Commision for the Affiliate program

We pay out up to 15% of purchases. You can decide to give your customers a percentage of that as an incentive. Eg they get 10% off a meal and you get 5% commision. You can decide what split you want. The code is valid for a 3 month period

How does the Affiliate program work?

1- Sign up to the program on the form above 2- Our team will reach out to you to discuss the program and check validality 3- We will activate your account and give you a coupon code (for Tracking) 4- We will run through the whole program steps with you in a training webinar 5- We will Organise Digital Colaterial for you. (including your team or clubs Logos etc) 6- Your ready to go. Start promoting

How do your Guests order?

Our affiliate program works for all orders through our app. (on apple and andriod) (Dine in and Takeaway) Guests enter your unique code in the app once and you will received the commision and they will receive a discount depending on what level you set it at For the next 3 months you will receive commision for all purchases they make